Web Applications come with unmatched benefits. They are are cost-effective, easier to maintain, while also being user-friendly. They live in the cloud and are the future of the software industry. We can see this change happening right in front of our eyes. Internet access at a global scale is increasing rapidly. It’s only a matter of time until most of the planet’s population is accessing this global network.

So if your business is not taking advantage of the benefits that web applications provide, it’s safe to say that you are simply holding yourself back. There is a global market out there and you are not reaping the benefits.

What are Web Applications?

In simple terms, a web application is a piece of software that runs in the cloud. Any device that has a web browser can access it. Regardless of where you are. You can manage and operate your business from the comfort of your home.

Manage your business from afar

Web Applications are accessible from everywhere. You simply need an internet connection and you will be able to view and manage your business without having to be on-site.

No need to install your software

Free yourself from the headaches that come with locally installed software. Web Applications don’t need to be installed on any device. The software runs in the cloud, it’s accessed by a browser.

Quick to update with new features

There is no need to install software on your computer, no need to download updates. Simply refresh your browser page and you will have the latest version instantly with all the new features.

Do I need a Web Application?

Most businesses can benefit from the technology upgrades that come with the usage of Web Applications. When a business switches to an online system, it also affects everything else in the pipeline. Businesses start saving paper while communication becomes digital. Historical records are easier to keep while also being the cheaper option. Data becomes an asset. It becomes easier to detect financial errors.

All these reasons are why you should look at web applications differently. They digitize your business, it is not just a cloud application. It eliminates redundant tasks. Everything that can be automated, gets automated.

Let’s attempt to summarise some of these benefits as elegantly as we can.

Do you have or plan to have multiple workplaces?

Web applications are connected to a central database that lives on the internet. Meaning that all your different offices and shops can use a single central application.

This allows you to:

  • Check for stock in another shop if an item has been sold out.
  • View the performance of all your stores without having to travel between them all.
  • Develop and deploy new features to all your stores at the same time.

Do you travel a lot and manage remotely?

Web applications can have built-in features that aid and assist remote management.

For example:

  • Live information regarding all transactions and finances are delivered straight to your hands with a financial management system.
  • Client and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems make it possible for you to ensure the utmost quality of service while not physically being present on-site.
  • Camera feeds can be set up and accessed through your web application to keep an eye on your premises.

Are you looking to eliminate or minimise paper usage?

By moving your business to a web application, you can lower your dependence on printers, photocopiers and the likes. The entire world is going digital, what is stopping you?

Web applications allow you to:

  • Keep digital records of your sales and billings.
  • Allow you to contact your clients, customers and employees digitally.
  • Eliminate unnecessary paper usage and lower the operational costs of your business.

Do you have any questions about web applications?

It is often overwhelming for a business to make these decisions. There is no doubt that Web Applications that live in the cloud are the latest and greatest tech out there for your business. For practical uses however, it might not be the right fit for you. We’re here to help you figure that out. Feel free to reach out with any questions that you might have!

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