Online presence is important, it can be the difference between making a new customer or losing one to a competitor. Having a well established business website backed by a strong marketing campaign is a tried and tested method of generating new leads. Businesses across the world invest heavily in their online presence. Even if you have a massive following on social media, the benefits of having your own website far outweigh the consequences of depending on another platform altogether.

Building up an online presence for your business through a website does not take as much effort as you might think.

What goes into a business website

An ideal business website should be the primary source of all valid information and guidance about you, your products and your services. Everything else comes second. Most newcomers in the market wildly underestimate the complexity of designing and maintaining a business website. We do understand how important it is for businesses to minimize costs but settling for an unprofessional look and a free theme? That’s not acceptable.

Your business website should be up to date with all your latest services, and the relevant information. It should also reflect your brand, and the quality of your work. Look professional, and be complete. Provide an easy means for your potential customers to contact you, and be accessible to visitors on all devices.

All this, while ensuring that potential customers can find you with ease and face no difficulties in reaching out to you.

Our services

We provide a wide range of services for businesses which need their websites developed or managed. Content writing, search engine optimization, marketing campaigns, and landing page optimizations are just a few of them. But does your business even need any of these? Well it depends.


Design that speaks for you

Business websites speak your language, they should reflect the work you do and the services you offer to your clients. More often than not, your website is the first thing that a potential client looks at, you can not get a second first-impression.


Written by professionals

Clients and potential customers need to know that they can trust you with their problems. Everything that’s written on your website needs to speak for you and needs to stand witness to the capabilities of your business and the services you provide.

Overseen by experts

You have a business to run, your time is valuable. We manage the teams that will be working on your website and we are responsible for ensuring that they have the expertise that is relevant to your business. We reach out to experts so you don’t have to.

All the various services that we offer build upon one another, you can not write quality content without an SEO campaign, and you can not have an effective SEO campaign without a design that fulfils modern user-experience standards. What are these “standards” you ask?

  • Users should be able to find whatever it is they’re looking for.
  • Websites should load quickly and not interrupt the user experience.
  • Potential customers should be able to contact you easily without having to jump through hoops.
Web design process being sketched

The first step towards building a successful business website is to look at it through the eyes of your potential customers. This can be done before you even start working on it by simply grabbing a pen and paper and drawing out how your ideal website would flow.

Businesses should start small

Most businesses don’t need anything more than a single landing page at first. Building your online presence is more of an iterative process. You simply can not have a website full of content on launch day and never touch it again. This is why for most of our clients, we recommend that they start small and then build up their websites and the structure around their landing page. By doing this, the content feels natural and less forced. Customers and potential clients don’t get turned off from viewing your website. They actually take an active interest in what you have to say. That’s the core purpose of a business website at the end of the day, is it not?

Once your landing page is finished, you start adding links, sliders, menus and a blog. You can build content around your website and link potential customers back to your landing page. Maybe you prefer using a single form so you can call back your customers yourself at your own time. The only thing that matters is that you provide your customers an easy means to get in touch with you.

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Work on your brand’s identity through your business website

Why do some brands get recognized in a heartbeat while others disappear and are forgotten? Why do companies launch products under new names and new subsidiaries instead of under their own name? What does it really take to build a brand identity? To a point where it’s recognized not just by your customers, but by everyone around them too. These questions need to be understood, even though everyone already knows the answers. It takes an expert perspective to build that identity which your brand craves.

Sometimes it’s a logo redesign, other times you need to scrap the company’s name altogether. Most of the time though? We reach out to a fresh pair of eyes to not only critique but also provide constructive feedback. This helps us improve your website’s landing page. Once your landing page is ready to bring in and convert customers, you can move on to the more tedious task of developing your website’s content.

Develop your content

This is the step where we need you to take out your favorite notebook and start etching out the key areas of your website. Everyone builds the standard “Home, About Us, Contact us” trio of pages. A? Especially in these modern times when customers are most probably going to close your website before they even head over to another page on your website.

You need to give them a reason to stay. And more often than not, this reason needs to come from an interest in knowledge. In the sense that you need to solve a problem or answer a question that the visitor is coming to your website for. This is why even major companies make “How to” guides. It helps them shoot down multiple birds with a single stone.

  • Users search for “How to” guides all the time. This brings them to a business website that often has a blog attached to it.
  • These posts increase the search rankings for these websites, thus bringing them to more people.
  • Potential customers will remember your website and will be more likely to click your links compared to your competitors.

We have a thorough post about writing content that brings valuable leads and potential customers, give it a read!

Figure out your target demographic

We sit with you, with all our expertise. Most of the time our clients are wrong about their customers. Real-estate companies look for people who need houses, when they should be looking for people who are interested in long term investments. Brand companies that target school and college students when they should be aiming for at least university-level young adults.

This is perhaps the most important step that people often overlook and don’t pay much attention to. But in the modern era of targeted advertisements, you need a well-defined target demographic.

And finally, market your business website

This is the most difficult but also the easiest task in the modern world. With services like Google Ads and Facebook Ads you can quickly reach your target demographic. This is why the last step was so important. Because without a well-defined target demographic. All of your investments into advertisements will go to waste.

We work with professional marketing experts to work out the how and who. All of this so that your investments do not go to waste.

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